Dress Code




Subject to Revision

PURPOSE:  At all times and in all places, students are expected to dress modestly and to represent the academy in a positive manner. At all times on campus, and whenever a student’s presence off campus is related to the student’s identity as an academy student, the student is expected to be in compliance with these standards.

GOALS: These dress standards are intended:

  1. To create a sense of unity, belonging and pride among students,
  2. To reduce competition in appearance that commonly is a distraction for today's children and youth,
  3. To promote a safe educational environment by making students readily identifiable,
  4. To reduce distraction from the teaching/learning process,
  5. To make selection of clothes less of a burden for students and their parents, and
  6. To reduce inappropriate behavior associated with clothing appearance.

CATEGORIES: There are four (4) categories of dress standards for TKA students. For special programs and trips, the administration will determine the appropriate student dress and announce this information to the students.

  1. Formal Dress – On special occasions as announced, when business or formal attire is appropriate.
  2. Uniform Dress – On school days until 4:00 p.m., and at school events specifically announced as uniform activities.
  3. Jeans Days – On special occasions defined below; and
  4. Relaxed Dress – Relaxed Dress is acceptable for athletic events. Please see "Relaxed Dress" section for details.


GIRLS: Dresses, or skirts and blouses, or formal suits that meet the following guidelines are acceptable. Hemlines of dresses and skirts must come to the top of the knee or below. The midriff should always remain covered. Tops should not have spaghetti straps or be strapless. Backs should not be cut below the bottom of the shoulder blades. Necklines should be modest (no more than three inches below the collarbone). Outfits should be of opaque fabric and not inappropriately tight. Dress shoes are to be worn. Open-toe, open-heel styles are acceptable; flip-flops, athletic or other casual shoes are not acceptable.

PROM: Prom dresses must be viewed on the individual in advance for suitable fitting. Highest point of hemline must be at or below the top of the knee. Neckline and backline must be modest (backline must be above the natural waist line). (Spaghetti straps & strapless styles are acceptable, if modest.) No open sides. No sheer panels. Viewing dates will be provided later in the school year.

BOYS: Dress pants, dress shirts, dress shoes, dress socks, dress belts and ties are to be worn. Flip-flops, athletic or other casual shoes are inappropriate.

PROM: Suit & Tie or Tuxedo, Dress Shoes




All clothing must be properly fitted and hemmed; students may not wear either tight fitting or baggy clothing.
Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Tails of shirts should be long enough to remain tucked.
Clothing that calls attention to itself or is distracting is not allowed.
Hats and caps should not be worn during the school day (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.).
Clothing must be clean, neat (not excessively wrinkled), and in good repair with no holes, cut-offs, frayed hems, etc.
Undershirts (t-shirts, etc.), if worn, must be solid white with no lettering.
Long-sleeve shirts or undershirts should not be worn under short sleeve shirts.
No more than the top two buttons should be unbuttoned on shirts.


STYLE:Must have collars and two- or three button placket; long or short-sleeve
COLOR: Plain white or navy blue (may be with or without TKA logo); Other colors of golf-style shirts are

 acceptable with official TKA logo purchased through endorsed vendors.


Oxford cloth. Must be purchased from endorsed vendors and have official TKA logo. Fully buttoned front, except the top two buttons; Collar tabs are to be buttoned. Ties are optional accessories for K4-12 boys.

"Peter Pan" Collars are acceptable for K-5 girls (with or without TKA logo)

COLOR: White or light blue



COLORS:Navy blue or khaki tan
STYLE:With belt loops and belt. (Grades K4-5 may wear slacks with elastic waistbands without belt loops.) Pleated or plain front; Shorts hemline (including top of slits) must be at or below the top of the knee.
SHORTS (boys and girls) and
Of the same style as above may be worn before November 1 and after March 31. Shorts hemline (including top of any slits) must be at the top of the knee.
NOT ALLOWED:Patch (sewn-on) or cargo pockets; corduroys; low-rise or hip huggers; stretch fabric


COLORS:Navy blue, khaki tan or official TKA plaid. (Plaid items must be purchased from Educational Outfitters)
STYLE:May be pleated or plain-front; Hemline (including top of slits) must be at or below the top of the knee.
Length of hemline (including top of slits) must be at  below the top of the knee.
NOT ALLOWED:Patch (sewn-on) or cargo pockets, low-rise or hip huggers; stretch fabric


COLORS:Solid black, brown or matching pants color, with standard belt buckles (no die-cut style oversized buckles) and no excessive metal trim (must be worn with slacks, shorts and capris, except as noted for grades K4-5).


DRESS OR CASUAL SHOES:COLORS:Black, dark brown, tan, cordovan, or navy
 STYLE:Slipper height and ankle height
ATHLETIC SHOES:COLORS:Solid color shoes may be black, white, gray or navy blue. Other athletic shoes may be any combination of black, white, gray and blue. Stripes or other distracting patterns are not appropriate.
 NOT ALLOWED:Open-toes, open heels, high heels, sandals, clogs, or metal trim.


Solid black, brown, navy blue or white socks are required; Girls may wear hosiery in these solid colors.


COATS/JACKETS:STYLE:Square cut; Full zipper, or full button, front; Polar fleece pullovers with partial zip fronts are allowed; or official TKA fleece or polar fleece
 NOT ALLOWED:Plaid patterns; metal trim; denim material; trench coat styles
 STYLE:Cardigan, V-neck or crewneck pullover, or V-neck or crewneck vest; acrylic/knit material
 APPLICATION:May be worn in classrooms; Must be worn over a shirt listed above
 NOT ALLOWED:Fleece material, turtlenecks
SWEATSHIRTS:STYLE:TKA-logo sweatshirts and hoodies approved and purchased through academy-endorsed vendors
 APPLICATION:Must be worn over a shirt listed above


When announced, selected days (typically Fridays) may be designated "jeans days" at school. On these days students may pay $1.00 to wear jeans, denim skirts, denim skorts, denim shorts, denim capris and solid colored pants or shorts with sewn-on or cargo pockets. The money paid by elementary students helps to fund special activities and projects in the elementary program. The money paid by upper school students helps to fund the annual junior/senior trip and other special activities and projects for the graduating seniors. Pants and shorts must have belt loops and a belt must be worn. All other aspects of the school uniform dress policy must be adhered to. Students must still wear uniform dress shirts as described under “UNIFORM DRESS.”


Afternoons, evenings, and weekends, appropriate relaxed attire is generally allowed on campus. Exceptions are made for special school activities or events for which higher levels of dress are required. Immodestly tight, torn, loose, or ragged clothing is not appropriate. Shoes are to be worn outdoors. Wording, lettering or other imprinting is not allowed on the back seat of clothing.

GIRLS: Tops should not have spaghetti straps, nor be strapless; no halter-tops or tube tops are permitted. Necklines should be modest (no more than 3 inches below the collarbone). The midriff should always remain covered. Dresses and skirts should come to the top of the knee or below. Backs should not be cut below the bottom of the shoulder blades. Outfits should be of opaque fabric. In the swimming pool area, bathing suits should be modest (no string bikinis or French-cuts). Cover-ups must be worn to and from the pool.

BOYS: Shirts must be worn, except in the pool area. Undershirts (“A” shirts) are not acceptable. Casual and swim shorts must be modest. 



Extremes in hairstyles are to be avoided. Hair should be neatly trimmed, brushed and combed, without unnatural dyes (including extreme variations) or unusual cuts. Hair should not in any way cover the eyes or interfere with vision.


Unusual hairstyles and cuts are to be avoided. Hair should be neatly trimmed, brushed and combed. Hair should not be cut shorter than 1/16 inch, and should not be long enough to extend below the eyebrows. Hair should not in any way cover the eyes or interfere with vision. Boys may wear grow neatly trimmed facial hair. Sideburns should not be longer than the bottom of the ear lobe. Hair should not be long enough to extend below the shirt collar or below the middle of the ears. Ponytails and braids are not allowed. Hair is not to be dyed, bleached or colored in any way.

JEWELRY: Boys may not wear earrings. Girls may wear up to two earrings per ear. Piercing of any other body part is not acceptable.

MISCELLANEOUS ATTIRE: The academy recognizes its responsibility in providing a campus environment consistent with the Christian values expressed in the academy's philosophy and purpose. Students are to refrain from wearing any attire (jewelry, t-shirts, hats, etc.) that advertises, displays or promotes a symbol, motto, belief, product, person, image or philosophy which is associated with non-Christian ideologies, promotes non-Christian values or promotes any religion other than Christianity. Additionally, students should not draw or otherwise mark on their bodies. Tattoos are not permitted.


Offense #1

Warning  - The student receives a copy of the infraction consequences, which must be signed by the parent/guardian, and returned to school the following day.


Parent Notified - The parent/guardian must sign the infraction copy and return it to school the following day.


Parent Notified - The student must stay 1 hour after school and write the dress code section related to the infraction multiple times and/or do assigned work duties.


Parent Conference Scheduled - The student will write the entire dress code from the student handbook.


The student will receive 1 day of in-school suspension, do required class assignments, and write the entire dress code from the student handbook.


The student will receive 1 day of out-of-school suspension and an unexcused absence. The student will receive a 3 point deduction from his/her nine weeks grade average in each class missed. The student will be required to complete all missed assignments and make up tests. The student will be required to write the entire dress code from the student handbook.


This will be grounds for dismissal.

*Note - The student will face consequences for EACH infraction accumulated during the course of the day. Example. . . If the student had a warning (#1), and received 3 infractions in one day, he/she will be held accountable for consequences #2, #3, and #4.

NOTE: All employees of the academy have the responsibility and authority to administer these guidelines. The academy administration retains the authority to make interpretation of these guidelines whenever conflicts arise. A progressive discipline policy with regard to dress code violations will be implemented and enforced.

For your convenience, below are links to some academy approved clothing vendors who sell TKA dress code items in their clothing lines. Not all items available on all sites are compatible with academy dress code standards. Parents are responsible for making sure all items purchased for school use comply with the guidelines stated above.

Universal Promotional Products

Land's End (Preferred school number 9000-4346-4)

IEducational Outfitters

The King's Academy, Seymour, Tennessee